If you have experienced juggling multiple clients at one time, you may have let other tasks fall through the cracks. Maybe you got off track with your marketing or you forgot to ask for a referral or testimonial. The effect this has on your sales may take a few months, but it inevitably it leads to peaks and valleys in production. We help keep your production consistently on track by automating your routine tasks and business processes.

This isn’t just automation of personal marketing, but also the 180+ tasks associated with transactions and most other aspects of your business operations. By combining best practices with the ability to intuitively understand your style of doing business, you won’t need to learn how our software works; it will learn how you work and adapt.

Agent software will be available on PC for Beta Testing Q1 of 2021, with other devices to come, and sales beginning later in the year.  A complete software experience will be cloud-based and include the following capabilities from one convenient and easy to use application.
Sales and Marketing
  • Drip email campaigns and templates
  • Buyer and Seller presentations
  • Multiple listing searches and market stats
  • Mapping capabilities
  • Single line dialer
  • Text marketing
  • Add – on Services:
    • Direct mail
    • E-Flyers to agents
    • Specialized contact fields for niche prospecting
  • Listing social media marketing
  • Document storage
  • Contract and disclosures
  • Digital signing
  • Calendar and To Do lists
  • Events
  • Email
  • Mail Merge
  • Project management – lite
  • Client portal
  • Data Services