RocketUrBiz Platform Technology Overview

The RocketUrBiz Platform Technology Stack

Here at RocketUrBiz Engineering we wanted to design, build and
invest in a platform that had the staying power to solve problems in the now
and to take us into the future and to do so in such a way that we could
efficiently evolve our core competency set and services while consistently
generate and execute positive value for the real estate brokerage and its agents
and agent teams. We are in the business of helping Real Estate professionals
deliver the highest level of quality and service to the consumer. In today’s
Cloud-centric digital economy and computing environment, the cloud is an
ever-present and critically important component, and we have seamlessly
integrated RocketUrBiz PaaS, SaaS, and DaaS technologies as Cloud-First, Cloud-Native

Core Competencies

The foundation of the RocketUrBiz technology stack is a composition
of capabilities drawn from our compentency set, designed to create leveraged use-case opportunities to create
first-class software services for users of RocketUrBiz solutions and to create
prospects for external technology parties to extend the built-in, base-level
services offered by RocketUrBiz. In creating the RocketUrBiz-technology stack,
we knew needed a mechanism to grow the business and thus continually build the
best and real value for our customers. Below is a simple block diagram that
calls-out the core capabilities of the RocketUrBiz Cloud-native platform.


Figure 1 RocketUrBiz
Core Technology Stack


As a modern software development company, we look to create
buying power and leverage for you by keeping our overall cost of development
low.  Building software is expensive, and today the best way to leverage
value is to govern the Multi-tenant nature of cloud computing, and that means
building software on native cloud technology. The term “Cloud-native” is about
software services built using cloud APIs and programming language SDKs that
leverage many cloud-centric capabilities and keep the cost of development down
for you and our integration partners. We aim to generate real ROI while
maintaining a low TCO for both our clients and ourselves, which in turn helps us to
continue the development and evolution of RocketUrBiz software systems.

The RocketUrBiz-Cloud Platform: TrueSpark™

To keep you on pace and ahead of the competition and to create an
opportunity for your business to shine, we’ve assembled a core set of computing
capabilities designed to give you the edge need to reach your goals, control
your time, and impress your clients with your know-how. The diagram below is a
glimpse of the types of services working for you day and night.  No matter
what device you’re working with on the RocketUrBiz TrueSpark Cloud, know it is
always working to keeping everything up to date, keeping you in control and
informed about what’s most important to your clients and your business.


Figure 2 Parts of
the RocketUrBiz TrueSpark™ Cloud Platform

Modern Real Estate Informatics

At RocketUrBiz-Engineering™ Information Science is front and
center, and one of the critical foundations to the gestalt of systems design;
we are excited and passionate working with data, information, and knowledge in
real estate and other associated domains. As a Real Estate professional, your
greatest superpower is the knowledge you bring to the table when you meet with
prospects and clients. We supplement your experience, help you keep it
organized, and create information views and presentations that effectively
reach and work for your clients and your business.


We wanted to build smarter and more straightforward
applications, more connected, more automated workflows so that you can focus on
creating high fidelity human-to-human experiences with your clients; that meant
that we needed to start with a smarter system for data, information and
knowledge management – we required a Modern Real Estate Informatics approach.
At RocketUrBiz-Engineering, we apply the “Science of Real Estate Data
to real-life situations day-to-day, moment-to-moment.

Figure 3 A view of
RocketUrBiz-Real Estate Informatics System

New-Age Data, Information and Knowledge Management for Real Estate

The management of data in the Real Estate domain is
inspiring and very challenging due to the diversity of users and usage; we have
Listing Data, County Property Facts, Tax, Personal Contact, Energy, Social
Facts – it’s a complex interaction of truths. You need the trustworthy “reality-views” right at
your fingertips, and you need in the form and factor that makes sense,
communicates well, and retains value – this is hard! To serve you best, to
bring data together in a meaningful and useful orientation, we needed a
technology that was flexible, fast, expressive, robust, easy to manage, and
cost-effective to own. Our dream and vision are to create amazingly beneficial
use of facts and information, and we wanted to create an environment where you
could directly interact with things on the screen just as objects look and
behave as knowledge does for us when we talk to people and interact with
things. Below is a view of our Information System Core; you can see that it’s
not just a database but several different types of data systems and data


Figure 4 Inside the
RocketUrBiz Cloud-Native Information System

Core Capabilities

The power or ability to generate an outcome is critical in
the day-in, day-out success of any Real Estate Agent. We know what you’re
always under the gun to create leads, convert, and produce. In the RocketUrBiz
Core Capability Cloud Stack, we’ve assembled technologies designed to help you
meet and exceed the challenging rigors of the market. We have talked to you,
walked with you, working with you and experience the pain and challenges of today
break-neck pace, changing business and technical landscape; listed in the
diagram below in a peek into the capabilities we’ve developed to support all of
the many diverse processes and task real estate professional enact in every
transaction. So, whether you get started with our Agent-centric technology, our
Agent Teams suites, or our Broker Business Control Center, we’ve worked hard to
create capabilities and tooling designed to keep you connected, informed,
organized and ready.

Intelligent Automated Workflow

In our business process analysis we discovered that at any
given time in the transaction or interaction with a client there could be
dozens of task, activities, and processes in motion; what a complex
orchestration this is to manage and the more concurrent deals you generate the
job of being the center of all these things in motion is complicated – scary
even. From the very beginning of imaging and design workflow automation was
going to be a core foundational component of solutions as were highly desirous
to get in control of time, event, notifications, the interruptions, the synchronizations, the
collaborations; we wanted to make it possible for you to be the best version of
yourself – not turn yourself into a pretzel in order to get things done.


Depicted below are the types of things our workflow
technology can help you to gain and keep control of all the moving parts in a
cohesive, comprehensive computing environment, high performing, and high
fidelity user experience.

Figure 5  A
quick view of RocketUrBiz Workflow Technology

The Business of Partnership and the RocketUrBiz TrueSpark™ Platform

Here at RocketUrBiz, we have taken the challenge to build a
comprehensive, end-to-end solution in the real estate domain; we understand
what real estate brokerages do and what agents do – it is challenging! We have
our core competencies and have factored out what core capabilities real estate
professionals need to effect outcomes that have value. As a professional
software development organization, we are in it, to win it, and to do that, we
want to go about that in the way of building partnerships with you and with
other vendors that bring expertise and value outside of our core make-up.


To that end we have organized, setup and operate our
platform to be open via the adoption of standards; we have worked to create an
experience that invites external technology partners to onboard quickly and to
extend a healthy environment; we are committed to developing the right
technology, powered via your voices and market behavior that stands on solid
ground. RocketUrBiz Engineering™ is about creating fantastic technology, but we
are about the business of serving you first and serving you best as real estate