Debra Schwartz
Founder & CEO
Debra has been a top performing Realtor in Silicon Valley for over 2 decades. She has also had a successful career in the mortgage industry in loan origination, loan management and liquidation of REO properties. Debra founded the Platinum Senior Network, an organization of business professionals serving the senior community. She has run 20 marathons while personally raising over $40,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and coaching other runners. She has run in the United States, Europe, China and Africa, and looks forward to running on the remaining 3 continents of Australia, South America and Antarctica.
Tavi Truman
CTO and Chief Software Architect

Tavi leads RocketUrBiz engineering, bringing more than 20 years of award-winning commercial software development to the design and implementation of our Cloud-native SaaS, PaaS, and DaaS. He is responsible for RocketUrBiz long-term technical vision and strategy and the design of the company’s multi-way platform business.Tavi has been a certified Software Architect and Software Engineer for more than 20 years and has held senior software engineering roles at IBM, Microsoft, Autodesk, Computer Associates, MCI, Loral Space and Range, Texas Instruments, and many others, working in lead management positions building solid engineering teams and bringing great products to enterprises the world over.

Before joining RocketUrBiz, Tavi was a consultant to Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Entertainment, and Financial Services organizations designing and implementing advanced solutions for complex problems. Tavi held appointments as an external industry expert, touring universities in the US and in Asia where he lectured and taught Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He has been a speaker and presenter at RESO and Inman Connect; Tavi is an active contributor in the GitHub Open Source community and helps developers to understand and solve problems in several online programming communities.

Tavi founded InKnowWorks, Corp, a company committed to building Ontology-driven software development tools for general-purpose programming of Semantic-powered applications. Over the past 10-12 years Tavi has helped large enterprises to bring ontology-driven information systems and powerful semantic applications enhancing many aspects of business operations, general workflow, improving the bottom line and employee productivity. His work at RocketUrBiz designing and implementing automated reasoning SDKs and APIs on the .NET platform, .NET Core and Azure Cloud platforms for C# and F# programming play a significant part of the technology used at RocketUrBiz ushering a new breed of data, information and knowledge management capabilities.

With a passion for the real estate business and technology, Tavi dedicates his time working to understand how real estate professionals structure work (processes and task), use data, make business decisions and in general how they get things done. Tavi’s focus in the areas of Real Estate Informatica, Information and Data Systems design, Knowledge Management, Automated Reasoning, and Workflow Automation will help agents spend less time on mundane tasks and research, and more time on activities that impact their bottom line.

Tavi holds a degree in Bible Theology, has completed graduate work at CMU (Computer Engineering), MIT and SMU (Computer Science), Stanford (Cognitive Science) and currently working to complete a Ph.D. program in Artificial Intelligence and Applied Ontology. Truman is the creator of the Open Source Real Estate Ontologies Foundry (OREO), a long-term project dedicated to building a general-purpose ontology for Real Estate.